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This wonderful video expresses a lot of what I would like to tell in my project. Why are things as they are? The industrial revolution has put mankind on a high-speed train and on this railroad of development we have adapted ourselves to the demands and possibilities that came along with the system. The rules and patterns we live by seem so natural and logical, that we don’t question why they are there, how they came into existence and if they are necessary.
Are we captured in a bubble of oblivion to the truth of our history and our own being?

The Right Way from hutch on Vimeo.

If it is true that we are disconnected from ourselves, then how to re-connect? It seems that individualism rules in our society where we are drifting around on solitary islands avoiding contact with any other. The confrontation which we are escaping from is exactly what we need to reclaim people’s sense of place and re-find (or maybe re-create) the patterns to memories and experiences. As hutch does, question objects and it’s use. Who said there is only 1 way to wear your gloves? Be creative with it!


Come Together

How to

I am really noticing my own struggle in gathering people to help me with this project: to design social engagement. How do I design forms of social engagement if I am not able to engage people in the first place to participate in my project? I realize it is busy times and looking at my own choices and behavior I know I say/said a lot of No’s as well. I am wondering how much of this No comes forth out of selfishness and how much is put upon us through societies pressure and choices. How to break this spell? These questions I am asking myself and also questioning my intentions with my project and what i would like to achieve with it, stop me from doing. Which is exactly the thing thing I shouldn’t stop. I saw a talk of Malcolm Gladwell on AIGA, called the story of success. He spoke about how even the greatest geniuses and successful people in history reached their success by an endless process of trial and error. Learning by doing, growing by making mistakes. It is a vulnerable position, but the only way to get results, either good or bad.

Next step. Can I direct/provoke people to gather at the same spot, at a certain time through messages left in the public space. ( step 2; can I provoke/encourage them to do something out of the nothing?)

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