What makes us appreciate?

I have sent the I love you notes to 50 design agencies in Norway, asking them if they could think about the universe or one of the other immaterial things on the note for two minutes and send me their response.

I will think about Sunshine today, since I am realizing how much I miss sunshine in these dark days. Do we take these things for granted? Do we start missing – and appreciating- their value once it isn’t their? And how do we appreciate things, what are the reasons to acknowledge value? Is it beauty? Is it love?

I wonder if we realize what it means to live in a society where we take so many things for granted, even when or maybe especially when the economic market falls, which should be the perfect moment to approach things differently.  Aren’t we selling our love and natural resources when we try to get a grip on the material things?

I came upon this article yesterday, which is elaborates much more on this subject.




spread through the city on Monday: I love you notes. Nowadays materialism is taking over. I made this poster to see if I can raise awareness about the immaterial things in life; nature, friends, family

to see more of this go to the website and find the display button

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