My Wish

I have been reading Spoonface Steinberg a script by Lee Hall. It is beautiful, moving, very pure and true. In the end of the story Spoonface talks about how the world was made long ago and that everything was made out of magic sparks and “now the sparks are deep down inside and the whole point of being alive is to find the spark. And when you meet someone and say hello- or if you tell a joke or when you say that you love them or try and help someone or you see someone who is sad or injured or maybe they have lost all their money or have been battered up or maybe they’re just a bit glum or hungry or you ask the time or maybe they’ve missed the train- all these people, all they need is help to find the spark”

“and the old people a long time ago they saw the sparks and when people met and the sparks jumped right up into the air from the place they where hiding and they leapt up through the firmament and through the clouds and past the sun and they shone over the whole universe”

The sparks are there, they just need to be awakened and connected.

Merry Christmas

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