Problem Intervention

Today I started spreading these in public transport:

A gift package with a one of the problems I have collected in it and printed inside is a voting form. I hope to encourage people to vote for the best problem on and for the best problem of the month I will be doing another Design Intervention which will bring a possible solution!! So come on everybody, VOTE!



I am trying to explore different ways of monitoring ( the success of) my project. Virtual and real time.
These are some pictures after the intervention or spreading the 50 problems through the city. Almost all of them were taken. And as you can see here, the problem was taken out of the envelop.

Virtual- or via internet- I am testing out if the  six degrees of separation is true. How quickly or in how few steps can I reach people all over the world. I have sent emails to almost everyone I know- especially people who have an international network- and now I am waiting for response..

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Last night I went to spread 50 problems around the city. I am not sure if they will get noticed- the weather was quite bad as well, so I also don’t know if all of them survived.

I think I need to do this spreading of messages every 2-3 weeks and maybe have some regular points as kaffebrenneriet , where people also can leave their ‘problems’ in a postbox or something.

And I certainly think it needs some theatrical elements. I have approached people in dance, theater, singing, etc and I hope they will work with me to create this performance aspect, which I think will be very important. During this performance-intervention problems could be handed out.

Furthermore I think it would be good if I can make connections between problems we have here and problems that are happening in other parts of the world.

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