workshop service design

I participated in another workshop last friday, at AHO, the school of Architecture and Design in Oslo. Alice Andreoli, a Masterstudent service design, has contacted me before to talk about her project. in which she is exploring how SiO student accommodation in Oslo, could be improved through better services. In our talk we spoke about the tools of communication I used in my project and she was laying out her strategies. One of the things I really liked, was that, for a month, she moved into Bjerke Studenthus  – one of the SIO accommodations – and by doing so, becoming an user herself. In that time, she was also actively testing and experimenting with forms of connecting with the residents. She did this in ways I have done as well: providing some kind of tools/installations in which a dialogue could formed by the participants/respondents and generating solutions in the process. I have been following her blog and it was wonderful to see all the interactions and results.

For the workshop on Friday she had invited several (service) designers, architects from her school as well as residents of SIO and some of staff of SIO – who were very pleased with this project. I found the workshop to be a great learning experience and so many good ideas were generated. The strategies used to generate ideas, were very playful and simple with great success as an outcome. Personal and professional values were brought together on this platform. By starting with the simple question to close our eyes for 1 minute and think about home everyone was able to sympathise and relate personally to the subject of the workshop. We wrote down some associations and then we started with the next round. Another good tactic was that for one assignment – write down thoughts on how SIO can be better and improve the information and services – we wrote down all ideas and we passed them on to our neighbour, then, you could see if you got inspired by those ideas. I thought it was very effective.

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