During the Creative Workshop one of the teams had the task to collect wishes. They went to an elementary school.They asked questions as what do you wish for, make a wish for someone else and where would you like to wake up tomorrow morning

Good weather
Clean the streets
Wants to wake up and be on vacation in Turkey

Animal: tiger
Wants to wake up in the US
Going to the amusement park
Wants a cat

Being finished at work
Wake up tomorrow and there is PEACE

Alexander, 11 years old
Wishes that somebody will give his mother a dog
He even wishes to BE a dog and wake up in his doghouse
Wishes less lectures in school

Wishes to win American Idol
Wishes she were a cat

André, 12 years old
Wishes to become a doctor and that it is summer
Laying on the beach, chilling with girls

Ashan, 12 years old
Wishes to travel to England

Wishes to go to Bali
And wake up in Bali
Wishes for a turtle

Ibon, 12 years old
Golden Eagle
Wishes to win a million and to wake up in the money bin
Wants to wake up in Spain

NOH, 11 years old
X-box 360
Waking up in Italy
Animal: Gorilla

Adam, 8 years old
Animal: tiger
Wishes Playstation 3 and summer vacation

Sjamil, 11 years old
Playstation 3
Waking up at home
Wishes to wish a wish for her mum

Couleed, 11 years old
Playstation 3 and driving a car

Mille, 12 years old
Wishes for a new head-set
Waking up in bed
Would have liked to be cat and give her mother a cat

Josefine, 12 years old
Wishes for unlimited candy
and an airjump, a loft to cuddle in, a fireplace and a couch
More plays (revy) to a better price
A better teacher in maths and science
Argentina and Cuba (before the fall of communism)
A new car for mother
World peace
Wishes that the grandmother of a friend to get well and healthy
And that mother passes her exam.

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