Creative workshop

A successful workshop with Louder happened last Friday. The strategy:

* Detach people from what they know and what they normally do
* Place them in a new setting and challenge them. Make it playful and (inter)active
* Experience new ways of exploring creativity and gain new resources to find inspiration
* Aim and outcome will be that the individuals in the team will feel more comfortable and confident in their ideas

I divided the team into 3 groups. Each group received several envelopes containing:

1) location
2) playful task to get out of your comfort-zone.
3) assignment for research and/or observation
4) the actual briefing with a client, aim and target group

1) go to RÃ¥dhusplassen
2) write down your wish on the pavement or a wall. Do it big.
3) collect wishes (25-50) from random people, write them down and film it. Ask for instance:

– what’s your wish for today?
-what good news have you gotten recently?
– where would you wish to wake up tomorrow morning?
-make a wish for someone else
4) CLIENT: The Pope
TASK: We need more optimism.What makes you happy? Create a product/message/service for optimism. Preferably an interaction where people can share and exchange hopes and wishes
Target Group: 18-35

1) go to St. Hanshaugen Park
2) Introduce yourself to 5 random people. Pretend you are skiing (I gave them 2 tasks, since they didn’t have a hard time executing them.
3) observe people in Kaffebrenneriet: how do they socialize; how do they interact; what do they order; how is the interior? List all actions done there. Take notes.
4) Client: Kaffebrenneriet
Task: Kaffebrenneriet wants to profile themselves not only as a coffee to go place, but have their clients more socially involved. They want to introduce a new concept: Social Coffee. It comes with 3 new coffees and it needs a (social) activity. Create a(n interactive) concept
Target Group: 15-35 yrs

1) Go to Oslo Sentralstasjon
2) Go to Stasjonskontoret Ask for Håvard Svendsen and show the mail in this envelope. You should get a spot assigned next to café La Baguette near track 13-19.
3) Create a temporary open office for problem solving. Go to café La Baguette (track 13-19) report yourself. They have some furniture for you there is some material there as well. Make yourself at home!
Ps. Giving solutions is 1 thing, making the client feel happy&smart is another. If possible give people tools for finding the solution (e.g. the Anger Management Kit)
4) CLIENT: anyone/ everyone
BRAND: Louder
TASK: Today you have an open office, random people can come with any problem and you will try to find creative solutions at the spot. Promote Louder and follow up on: Actions speak louder than words.
Your task is to brainstorm live and promote yourself: Impro-Marketing. Sell your services for free.

I connected the last team to my KNOTREALLY problem blog. I made an event for it on facebook, to redirect more people to the open office at Oslo central station.

To see picutures of the workshop visit my flickr



Got problems?
Specific, general, personal, global, etc?
Dispose your troubles to a problem-solver!
The ultimate chance to solve your problems FREE of charge!

Online will become realtime, KNOTREALLY will go live!
Friday the 6th of march between 14.00 – 17.00 at Oslo Sentral Station,
There will be a temporary office run by professionals dedicated to help you find creative solutions to your problem(s) at the spot!!!



Theatre Reflection

I had a lot of meetings with people connected to the Black Nordic Theatre so far I met 3 actors/performers (former students) who gave me a lot of good feedback and want to create some events with me. Next to that I have suggested some ideas to the teachers of the theatre school of Black Nordic and I will be doing an afternoon workshop with their students the 19th of January. The teachers were very critical and these questions make me think about the uncertainty and vulnerability of my project..and me. Learning by doing is a sentence that repeats itself all the time. Creating an open participative framework means placing oneself in uncertainty. The end is open and unpredictable, the white spots will be colored in the process. The colors can be defined and analyzed afterward. BUT as the teachers said or asked: “what is the pedagogical part in this for the students and what is my experience in this?” pedagogically I reckon it is being open for improvisation and working with a social dialogue and the 4th wall theory.

What will be important is that I write a script for these students with a strict framework as a guidance and a scenario with specific roles. So this test-project will be a more directed and maybe more closed performance/theatrical setting than the thing I hope to be doing with the 3 actors (and hopefully some more participants). Today I also met a man who is a sound-painter, which is a lot about experiment and improvising and could be interesting in a guerrilla setting.

I notice that these meetings give me a lot of feedback and input, but I need not forget some design reflection and keep in mind what the visual communication part is in this theatrical setting. Next to that I have some fears or better called challenges with organzing these events/interventions in the public space. Will I be able to arrange them in this short time left? Or will I be able to just do small tests which will give me clear (enough) conclusions? It is a lot of work and I need to make some distinct decisions, to have a strong focus.


Knot Really

I am working on a test project now, which if it works as planned will be a BIG project. Let’s see if my theory can work in practice. I have and am collecting problems to see a) what is on people’s mind b) offer a moment of contemplation and self reflection c) if I can place these problems as challenges on a platform. This is at the moment the blog knot really.

I hope to create an open social dialogue. Where I will come up with design solutions and offer people the inititive to visualize answers and solutions as well. Can I connect people’s problem to each other so they’ll both benefit from it. Can I give local actions as a solution to the problems people send in, which would result in a contribution to society and the person feeling better about himself.

Anyway ideas are spinning and thwirling through my mind. On monday I plan to do an intervention in the public space related to these problems- see if I can get the viral working- and meanwhile I am exploring this idea to its limits and beyond!

If you want to send in problems/solutions in word or picture please send it to iamgood@goodindeed.org and/or post comments at KNOT REALLY…bring it on!

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