here you find drafts and ideas for little projects I want to do. Feedback, criticism, comments are very welcome. If you are interested in participating -Jippie!!- send a mail to

When working with type try to create something 3d, and recycle. for instance use balloons/leaves plastic cups etc to write with

*I love you
-where: in supermarkets and at ‘free’ poster spots
-what: notes saying: ‘I love you’ people can tear off pieces which say: The World, Your grandchild etc. raising awareness about materialism
-when: 22nd of September

*I want to(2)
-who: myself
-where: in stores at poster spots
-what: positive affirmations. Notes saying I want to and pieces can be torn of which say be good, be better be great , be something , be ordinary,  superman on the back there is a task in order to become good, nothing, or whatever.

-who: myself+ team?
-where: through city
-what: 2 kinds of poster. One saying: how well are you(doing) the other how good are you(doing)

Displaying the contrast between the ego; thinking about your own state of mind, and on the other hand, thinking about the world outside yourself, compassion, social, etc.
On the poster there are or:
1)3-4 balloons giving different states of mind a)ok b)great c) crap and on the other poster for instance: a) superman b)greenpeace c) the joker d) the villain
2)maybe the some posibillities to answer, but a pen next to it
3)maybe the lottery- books attached to the poster and??????
4)could also add visuals in the form of drawings or accessories
5)maybe include a performance and/or sound people shouting out continuously the questions
when: ????

*happy/ raising questions- tour
-who: myself+team(?)
-where: through city; on backside of chairs in public transport, at bustops/ info places
-what: post-it notes spread through city. On it questions in words or drawing as: Are you happy? Why not? Look up? How is your neighbor doing? Pass this note on
-when: ???

*Paper thoughts
-who: myself+team?
-where: through city, at poster spots
-what: poster which says at frontside I THINK, if you do, then write down your thought, wish, dream on this poster, fold this poster into an airplane and send it into the world. It might come through:)

*Paper thoughts 2
-who: me+team
-where: through city, maybe 1-5 poster installations
-what: create type/poster out of used material. For instance paper cups and ‘write’
THINK or FUTURE=NOW with it. place inside the cups thoughts or things

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