Below you can find the test projects I have done so far and the lessons I have learned from them.
(oldest at the bottom newest at the top:). This is the path to where I am now.



I realized that the site alone wasn’t enough. More projects needed to be done so I started graphical interventions of display in semi public spaces.


5)The wor(l)d is mine notes left in books in library

goal: see if readers will leave a message for someone they (don’t) know
outcome: more hits on the website
good: scale was ok. done in Netherlands and Oslo
bad: takes a while before ALL my messages are found


4) Idea Spot posters+pen mounted at bus stops

goal: provoke people to use their “waiting” time in a different and useful way.
outcome: people wrote on the posters
good: idea was good and could work on bigger scale/ in a different form
bad: scale could have been slightly bigger. I wasn’t able to monitor, since i left the day after. (timing is everything)


3) Smile sticker placed on mirrors in dressing rooms

goal: create a smile where necessary and see if people respond on the corresponding message on the website.
: everyone in my guerrilla-team felt that they were doing something bad. Meaning that even creatives have to cross a line to break with (their) convention.
more hits on the website and the stickers lasted a loooong time.
bad: scale could have been bigger, no interaction from viewer.


2) I want to two kind of notes mounted in supermarkets

goal: see if people response to “odd” (fun, witty, positive) messages
outcome: people did(!) tear of notes
good: maybe this was a start for a bigger project. The I want to be notes worked very well and are profound
bad: design could be nicer, scale to low. The I want to take notes are just a gimmick


1)  Tag-poster

goal: provoke creativity in people, i.e. make them draw/write/tag on my poster
outcome: on 2 posters was written. On 1 by 2 different persons.
good: even though I only mounted 10 posters there was response on 1
bad: Scale was very low, I didn’t mount more than 10 posters. The design could have been much nicer



for the pilot I created the goodindeed website as a platform for the Gift project and see if I could create a continuation on the gift giving. People can share good deeds and it is a play field to test interaction and participation. Next to that a relation and tool of reflection between the real world (where I am doing my test projects) and the web.

lot of visitors, but no stories send in from people
good: people did send in a smile-photo

bad: technically the site should work better



INTERVENTION. levels, strategy, point of contact
CONTROL. power, play, behavior
HAPPINESS. narrative, positivity

In December we had to rewrite our project and I got the idea to specify my project more and focus on our shopping behavior. Trying to make things/statement/ experiences which contain a reflection on local – global which make mass consumers think about the impact and consequences of mass production.

I thought of new experiences which would intervene in existing scenarios and daily routines to address the consumer on his behavior. I wanted to make a) products as thinking tools b) games where you would kill banks or institutions who invest in war and weapons b2) a tolerance game where it was not about winning, but about losing c) the Gift project on a larger scale d) a book of fortune, where I wanted to create happiness through a narrative. Researching what it means to us and what it means in various cultures and countries, collecting happy thoughts, lucky moments, things you cherish. With as a end result a reflection on what makes us truly happy and a difference between material and immaterial things.


playing with the language

creating scenarios


Book of fortune, one of the test projects which actually felt a bit out of tone in the supermarket-scenario.


G is for Gift

goal: make people think about what they buy and think about each other. Spread the joy of sharing.
outcome: some passed their gift on, others left it
good/bad: most people I reached with this were already (partly) aware, so easy targets.


How to address the communicative challenge of getting messages across in design?

At my first presentation I made boxes where people could interact with the product to activate the message. For myself this was a way to explore where to go, how to visualize world problems and how I can raise a dialogue in a playful manner.



Do we communicate our ideas well enough? Do we think about the impact and consequences?


Which problem should we solve first? And which are related with each other?


Color-UR-Skin toolkit


What is the inheritance we are giving to our children?



I have always been amazed by the power of art and design and its influence on advertising. I was wondering how it would be if we could use this strong language to sell awareness and what the impact would be. I tried to use this at an Art&Design Sale as an advertisement on to sell my Christmas cards. Selling of the cards didn’t really work. There was someone who wanted to buy this ad though.



I started with this, a Christmas card, which I sent to all my friends, family and business relations.
On the back I added the text All I want for Christmas
When working with this I got so over enthusiastic that I also have sent it to all the Dutch political parties. I got 1 response. What was good about this project was that I used it on the right scale, because I had sent out between 200 and 250 cards.
It inspired me to continue with this and I decided to use it as a start for my MA application

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  • christina krüger

    Very very cool stuff, i like your agenda !!!!

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