here you find drafts and ideas for little projects I want to do. Feedback, criticism, comments are very welcome. If you are interested in participating -Yay!!- send a mail to iamgood@goodindeed.org


-who: group of people wearing masks/outfit
-where:public transport/in the city

1)spreading happiness, maybe handing out jars of happiness. Or handing out problems wrapped up as a gift. Emphasize the contrast between optimism and pessimism

2) superheros or some sort of alter egos, could sit there totally exhausted OR they could wear a mask at the back of their head, illustrating that anyone can be a world saver. Masks can be animal mouths, noses, smiley faces, superhero, Zorro. People could also just ‘wear’ a sheet which expresses their state of mind. For instance, ‘I am desperate’ I am lonely, I am happy. etc. Wearing a smile mask, but carrying a/their problem under their arms
Could also be flags carried/held by people doing a tour through the city, creating a protest about immaterial things (missing)

*Spread the joy
-who: a group of people (wearing masks/outfits?)
-where: through the city, in parks
-what: +- 10-20 people with a block of post-its ‘tagging’ passers-by with post-its saying: joy, happiness, pleasure, etc. Or handing out something more precious. Maybe dancers, mime players, actors, singers who go around and sing/shout it is national pessimism day/ optimism day, provoking people to either smile and be happy with what they have or use the ‘negative’ approach to make people realize themselves that it is ridiculous to be pessimistic and self involved.

*Crappy Song
-who: a choir, group of people singing
-where: in the city/ in subway
-what: people singing very happy and joyfully oh crappy day use 1 or more songs which are very happy and joyful and write a different ‘dark’ text on it. Emphasizing the darkness of the winter in Norway and displaying a contrast. To show that singing spreads joy even though the text is depressive
-when: On the darkest day of the year, 21st of dec??

-who: group of people
-where: through city, sitting in parks, in stores
what: people wearing suits/t-shirt where butterflies are hanging down from. The butterflies (or flowers, trees) hang dead downwards. To show a contrast between life&death, giving and taking. Plant flowers/plants through the city

candle march/parade*use soapbubbles to spread joy*hoelahoop competition in wintertime*massive angels-in -the-snow performance

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  • Tania Rodríguez

    Maybe is totally obvious but what I can think as a image/sample of happiness in a crappy day is a kid all dressed up and happy to with his/her rumpa-akebret (the plastic they use to slide in the snow) on a trikke. This on a morning when is pitch dark and the public transport is packed and everybody else (adults around) show a long-non friendly faces non happy and tired faces.
    Trust me, was early december, have seen it (confession: she is my daughter) and made it up for the rest of the winter. So fragile, so easy to please, so innocent, so happy….
    What do you think?

    Comment | November 10, 2008
  • goodindeed

    Tania, I must say I agree. Especially since I am not from Norway, so when I saw this the first time and still when I see it; it is touching and it puts a smile on your face, however you are feeling

    Comment | November 11, 2008

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