here you find drafts and ideas for little projects I want to do. Feedback, criticism, comments are very welcome. If you are interested in participating -Jippie!!- send a mail to iamgood@goodindeed.org


*Future is Now
-who: me+team?
-where:in city, trees
-what: plastic bags hung in trees. Bags could be blown up as a balloon with a sticker on it saying: future is now, leaf of the future, plastic fantastic,  kill your darlings

*Trash drawings
-who: me and team?
-where: in city
-what: draw/write a story around trash in streets. Could be text as hey, did you loose something, want to share your coffee with the world? Or drawings around it attaching a person or drawing the future and effects, or as a crime scene drawing, etc
-when: ongoing

*Gift- the sequel
-who: me and team??
-where: at bus stops, maybe in stores as well?
-what: 1)gift-boxes with inside a problem, could be in the form of a letter or a thing? Ask people to write down their problem en put it into the box. A note on top saying: this is for you. 2) gift- box could also be a sort of manual for anger for instance, a matchbox which says angermanagement inside some matches and a description saying: write it down (on paper) and burn it to ashes.

*Idea spot the sequel…
create a message board out of an empty wall or not used wall

mount notes which contain an action: if you see this scream

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