During the Creative Workshop one of the teams had the task to collect wishes. They went to an elementary school.They asked questions as what do you wish for, make a wish for someone else and where would you like to wake up tomorrow morning

Good weather
Clean the streets
Wants to wake up and be on vacation in Turkey

Animal: tiger
Wants to wake up in the US
Going to the amusement park
Wants a cat

Being finished at work
Wake up tomorrow and there is PEACE

Alexander, 11 years old
Wishes that somebody will give his mother a dog
He even wishes to BE a dog and wake up in his doghouse
Wishes less lectures in school

Wishes to win American Idol
Wishes she were a cat

André, 12 years old
Wishes to become a doctor and that it is summer
Laying on the beach, chilling with girls

Ashan, 12 years old
Wishes to travel to England

Wishes to go to Bali
And wake up in Bali
Wishes for a turtle

Ibon, 12 years old
Golden Eagle
Wishes to win a million and to wake up in the money bin
Wants to wake up in Spain

NOH, 11 years old
X-box 360
Waking up in Italy
Animal: Gorilla

Adam, 8 years old
Animal: tiger
Wishes Playstation 3 and summer vacation

Sjamil, 11 years old
Playstation 3
Waking up at home
Wishes to wish a wish for her mum

Couleed, 11 years old
Playstation 3 and driving a car

Mille, 12 years old
Wishes for a new head-set
Waking up in bed
Would have liked to be cat and give her mother a cat

Josefine, 12 years old
Wishes for unlimited candy
and an airjump, a loft to cuddle in, a fireplace and a couch
More plays (revy) to a better price
A better teacher in maths and science
Argentina and Cuba (before the fall of communism)
A new car for mother
World peace
Wishes that the grandmother of a friend to get well and healthy
And that mother passes her exam.

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Creativity has no end

wonderful use of containers. They are transformed into works of and for play! You can swim in them, live in them, skate in them, use it as a stage, etc.



Cut the Crap

I really notice that I am the guinea pig in my own project. I feel tested over and over again. It is hard to break with old habits.

Vulnerability and failure are things we are not familiar with in our society and it takes practice and repetition to master this. Take for instance the movie Groundhog Day, the spell is broken when Bill Murray finally did everything right. The correct thing not being a general rule for mankind, but a personal recipe for enjoyment, understanding and appreciation of life.

Now, come on, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER …and have fun with it..hmpf

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Design Sucks

speaks for itself.

Thanks Renata for visualizing this problem (and creating a solution)

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question things

This wonderful video expresses a lot of what I would like to tell in my project. Why are things as they are? The industrial revolution has put mankind on a high-speed train and on this railroad of development we have adapted ourselves to the demands and possibilities that came along with the system. The rules and patterns we live by seem so natural and logical, that we don’t question why they are there, how they came into existence and if they are necessary.
Are we captured in a bubble of oblivion to the truth of our history and our own being?

The Right Way from hutch on Vimeo.

If it is true that we are disconnected from ourselves, then how to re-connect? It seems that individualism rules in our society where we are drifting around on solitary islands avoiding contact with any other. The confrontation which we are escaping from is exactly what we need to reclaim people’s sense of place and re-find (or maybe re-create) the patterns to memories and experiences. As hutch does, question objects and it’s use. Who said there is only 1 way to wear your gloves? Be creative with it!


Creative workshop

A successful workshop with Louder happened last Friday. The strategy:

* Detach people from what they know and what they normally do
* Place them in a new setting and challenge them. Make it playful and (inter)active
* Experience new ways of exploring creativity and gain new resources to find inspiration
* Aim and outcome will be that the individuals in the team will feel more comfortable and confident in their ideas

I divided the team into 3 groups. Each group received several envelopes containing:

1) location
2) playful task to get out of your comfort-zone.
3) assignment for research and/or observation
4) the actual briefing with a client, aim and target group

1) go to RÃ¥dhusplassen
2) write down your wish on the pavement or a wall. Do it big.
3) collect wishes (25-50) from random people, write them down and film it. Ask for instance:

– what’s your wish for today?
-what good news have you gotten recently?
– where would you wish to wake up tomorrow morning?
-make a wish for someone else
4) CLIENT: The Pope
TASK: We need more optimism.What makes you happy? Create a product/message/service for optimism. Preferably an interaction where people can share and exchange hopes and wishes
Target Group: 18-35

1) go to St. Hanshaugen Park
2) Introduce yourself to 5 random people. Pretend you are skiing (I gave them 2 tasks, since they didn’t have a hard time executing them.
3) observe people in Kaffebrenneriet: how do they socialize; how do they interact; what do they order; how is the interior? List all actions done there. Take notes.
4) Client: Kaffebrenneriet
Task: Kaffebrenneriet wants to profile themselves not only as a coffee to go place, but have their clients more socially involved. They want to introduce a new concept: Social Coffee. It comes with 3 new coffees and it needs a (social) activity. Create a(n interactive) concept
Target Group: 15-35 yrs

1) Go to Oslo Sentralstasjon
2) Go to Stasjonskontoret Ask for Håvard Svendsen and show the mail in this envelope. You should get a spot assigned next to café La Baguette near track 13-19.
3) Create a temporary open office for problem solving. Go to café La Baguette (track 13-19) report yourself. They have some furniture for you there is some material there as well. Make yourself at home!
Ps. Giving solutions is 1 thing, making the client feel happy&smart is another. If possible give people tools for finding the solution (e.g. the Anger Management Kit)
4) CLIENT: anyone/ everyone
BRAND: Louder
TASK: Today you have an open office, random people can come with any problem and you will try to find creative solutions at the spot. Promote Louder and follow up on: Actions speak louder than words.
Your task is to brainstorm live and promote yourself: Impro-Marketing. Sell your services for free.

I connected the last team to my KNOTREALLY problem blog. I made an event for it on facebook, to redirect more people to the open office at Oslo central station.

To see picutures of the workshop visit my flickr



Got problems?
Specific, general, personal, global, etc?
Dispose your troubles to a problem-solver!
The ultimate chance to solve your problems FREE of charge!

Online will become realtime, KNOTREALLY will go live!
Friday the 6th of march between 14.00 – 17.00 at Oslo Sentral Station,
There will be a temporary office run by professionals dedicated to help you find creative solutions to your problem(s) at the spot!!!




I just had to laugh out loud. Found via swissmiss, this wonderful project of urban camouflage!

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Perfect Balloons

Some wonderful intervention work of the artist William Lamson brilliant visualization of concepts in photo’s and video’s with a very plain and clear style. He uses a lot of balloons which has something kind and party-like to it, but balloons also have a representation of tension and pressure which is expressed in these works.

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