A wonderful recipe for Copenhagen

funny, clear and understandable!! I especially like the ” it doesn’t have to look pretty, it just has to work”

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Heaven can wait

GREAT, I am amazed such a great great video of Beck & Charlotte Gainsbourg and produced by Keith Schofield. Visually exciting, but most of all the double layers of meaning it has!


Global Action Day

Last Saturday me and Jeiran staged a Social Dialogue in Vigelandsparken where we let the statues talk! The statues are very expressive and turned out to be a perfect means to talk about the serious global issues we are facing. We were able to raise a discussion in a friendly way, making it understandable and approachable for all passers by. At least all the people there, gave us thumbs up, big smiles and wanted to know more about

Though we didn’t really get media attention, the responses of the public were meaningful. More pictures can be found on my flickr and Behance.


workshop service design

I participated in another workshop last friday, at AHO, the school of Architecture and Design in Oslo. Alice Andreoli, a Masterstudent service design, has contacted me before to talk about her project. in which she is exploring how SiO student accommodation in Oslo, could be improved through better services. In our talk we spoke about the tools of communication I used in my project and she was laying out her strategies. One of the things I really liked, was that, for a month, she moved into Bjerke Studenthus  – one of the SIO accommodations – and by doing so, becoming an user herself. In that time, she was also actively testing and experimenting with forms of connecting with the residents. She did this in ways I have done as well: providing some kind of tools/installations in which a dialogue could formed by the participants/respondents and generating solutions in the process. I have been following her blog and it was wonderful to see all the interactions and results.

For the workshop on Friday she had invited several (service) designers, architects from her school as well as residents of SIO and some of staff of SIO – who were very pleased with this project. I found the workshop to be a great learning experience and so many good ideas were generated. The strategies used to generate ideas, were very playful and simple with great success as an outcome. Personal and professional values were brought together on this platform. By starting with the simple question to close our eyes for 1 minute and think about home everyone was able to sympathise and relate personally to the subject of the workshop. We wrote down some associations and then we started with the next round. Another good tactic was that for one assignment – write down thoughts on how SIO can be better and improve the information and services – we wrote down all ideas and we passed them on to our neighbour, then, you could see if you got inspired by those ideas. I thought it was very effective.


Workshop Lloyd

Last Monday I helped out with a workshop organised by Slowlab for the Lloyd hotel in Amsterdam.

Slowlab recently acquired space in the Lloyd for a studio as well as integrating slow concepts of attitude and sustainability in the hotel. I am looking forward to projects happening there.

On Monday there was a annual fest for the staff of the Lloyd and Slowlab was asked to playfully introduce them to concepts of slowness, as well as inviting them to contribute ideas. This was done by staging a treasure hunt in the Frankendael park! It was a great experience and as with all workshops the end result is unpredictable.

Several tags with adjectives regarding slowness where attached to trees, benches, flowers, etc. in the park. Artifacts were made from plaster, with an imprint of leaves and other natural elements and these treasures were hidden in the park. Furthermore, 3 musicians and several performers were placed in the park, ready to provide experiences of discovery! For instance, one of the performers was sitting in a tree with bottles of Cava and in this tree we had hung champagne glasses. So the finders would try to catch the cava with the glasses.


Involve Yourself

2 weeks ago Involve Yourself – an Norwegian organisation which has the aim to engage and involve youth in causes as human rights and injustice – asked me to conceptualise and design postcards, will involve people actively in the campaign they are launching now. In a brainstorm we came up with the following:

front side

back side

This I promise card hopes to encourage people to make a pledge, which can be big or small. So for instance: “I promise to be nicer to my little sister” or “I promise to turn off the light when I leave a room” or “I promise to do community work at..” etc.

The thought behind these postcards is to make the users think and reflect in a playful way:the users will write the promise at the spot and address it to themselves. Involve Yourself will send the postcard a year later, reminding you of your engagement!

front side

back side

For this card the concept is that the writer/sender asks an artist (4 famous Norwegian singers) to include his/her sentence in the artist’s new song to support human rights. The sentence will be written on the front side of the card.

The artists don’t know about this!! So the senders are contributing sentences and asking the singer to write a song with him/her. I am very curious for the results, but I think this is a perfect interface, to engage the individual – and the idol as ambassador for the cause – in a larger dialogue.

How cool is it if you can write a song together with your idol, which supports an important cause!?!

To make it playful for user and receiver, the text below is added vertically in the middle of the card.

back side

We used the same concept for King Harald, only here the sender sends in a new years resolution/suggestion for the King’s New Year’s speech. Again creating an interface between the individual and authority.

Another task they gave me was to create speech bubbles inspired by the Bubble Project of Ji Lee

Several texts of the involve yourself campaign are placed in the bubble, hoping to raise awareness about the  the problems we have at this moment and to act now. FACE IT.


I am working on an event/action to do for and organisation which will have a day of actions happening all over the world! This day is the 24th of October. Our plan is to even have pre-events and definitely more engaging, playful actions happening after that day as well with the group of people we are gathering through this. Time for change! We just created a facebook group for Norway and hopefully this week we will have a blog up and running too! Below are some words on the global organisation as well as what we are planning to do. is an international campaign dedicated to building a movement to unite the world around solutions to the climate crisis–the solutions that science and justice demand.
Our mission is to inspire the world to rise to the challenge of the climate crisis—to create a new sense of urgency and of possibility for our planet.

Our focus is on the number 350–as in parts per million, the level scientists have identified as the safe upper limit for CO2 in our atmosphere.

On the 24th of October people and organizations all over the world will be organizing actions and events to highlight this message.
People in more than 1000 communities, and more than 100 countries have already announced plans.

This is meant to be a page where we can start organizing the actions taking place in Norway, connect with people planning actions, or people interested in participate in existing action.
I also hope we can use it as a place to discuss the most efficient ways of communicating the 350-message, whether we should try to coordinate all the different actions, and how we can start putting pressure on the government to adopt the latest scientific understanding when creating climate policies, and to set 350 ppm as a target in the international treaty to be created in Copenhagen in December.


Creativity has no end

wonderful use of containers. They are transformed into works of and for play! You can swim in them, live in them, skate in them, use it as a stage, etc.



question things

This wonderful video expresses a lot of what I would like to tell in my project. Why are things as they are? The industrial revolution has put mankind on a high-speed train and on this railroad of development we have adapted ourselves to the demands and possibilities that came along with the system. The rules and patterns we live by seem so natural and logical, that we don’t question why they are there, how they came into existence and if they are necessary.
Are we captured in a bubble of oblivion to the truth of our history and our own being?

The Right Way from hutch on Vimeo.

If it is true that we are disconnected from ourselves, then how to re-connect? It seems that individualism rules in our society where we are drifting around on solitary islands avoiding contact with any other. The confrontation which we are escaping from is exactly what we need to reclaim people’s sense of place and re-find (or maybe re-create) the patterns to memories and experiences. As hutch does, question objects and it’s use. Who said there is only 1 way to wear your gloves? Be creative with it!


Creative workshop

A successful workshop with Louder happened last Friday. The strategy:

* Detach people from what they know and what they normally do
* Place them in a new setting and challenge them. Make it playful and (inter)active
* Experience new ways of exploring creativity and gain new resources to find inspiration
* Aim and outcome will be that the individuals in the team will feel more comfortable and confident in their ideas

I divided the team into 3 groups. Each group received several envelopes containing:

1) location
2) playful task to get out of your comfort-zone.
3) assignment for research and/or observation
4) the actual briefing with a client, aim and target group

1) go to RÃ¥dhusplassen
2) write down your wish on the pavement or a wall. Do it big.
3) collect wishes (25-50) from random people, write them down and film it. Ask for instance:

– what’s your wish for today?
-what good news have you gotten recently?
– where would you wish to wake up tomorrow morning?
-make a wish for someone else
4) CLIENT: The Pope
TASK: We need more optimism.What makes you happy? Create a product/message/service for optimism. Preferably an interaction where people can share and exchange hopes and wishes
Target Group: 18-35

1) go to St. Hanshaugen Park
2) Introduce yourself to 5 random people. Pretend you are skiing (I gave them 2 tasks, since they didn’t have a hard time executing them.
3) observe people in Kaffebrenneriet: how do they socialize; how do they interact; what do they order; how is the interior? List all actions done there. Take notes.
4) Client: Kaffebrenneriet
Task: Kaffebrenneriet wants to profile themselves not only as a coffee to go place, but have their clients more socially involved. They want to introduce a new concept: Social Coffee. It comes with 3 new coffees and it needs a (social) activity. Create a(n interactive) concept
Target Group: 15-35 yrs

1) Go to Oslo Sentralstasjon
2) Go to Stasjonskontoret Ask for Håvard Svendsen and show the mail in this envelope. You should get a spot assigned next to café La Baguette near track 13-19.
3) Create a temporary open office for problem solving. Go to café La Baguette (track 13-19) report yourself. They have some furniture for you there is some material there as well. Make yourself at home!
Ps. Giving solutions is 1 thing, making the client feel happy&smart is another. If possible give people tools for finding the solution (e.g. the Anger Management Kit)
4) CLIENT: anyone/ everyone
BRAND: Louder
TASK: Today you have an open office, random people can come with any problem and you will try to find creative solutions at the spot. Promote Louder and follow up on: Actions speak louder than words.
Your task is to brainstorm live and promote yourself: Impro-Marketing. Sell your services for free.

I connected the last team to my KNOTREALLY problem blog. I made an event for it on facebook, to redirect more people to the open office at Oslo central station.

To see picutures of the workshop visit my flickr

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